Monday, 30 April 2012



I am wearing:
H&M Leggings
River Island Booties
Michael Kors Watch
Topshop Eclipse Nail Polish
Rings (Random)

Only went into Uni today for a revision session on Biochemistry, which was really helpful. Then picked up some paper for my dissertation to be printed on. I was anxious all morning because my Mum had an interview at our local Police HQ for a job. They rang her a couple of hours later to let her know she's got it! Amazing news, I'm so happy for her. :D Finally something is going right for us this year.
On another note...
Today has been so sunny and hot I actually can't believe it!
Honestly, this British weather is so so random and needs to make its mind up.

I have nothing planned for the next few weeks apart form revision revision revision.
I have my finals and then I'm done! No more University, woohoo.
I can start the next chapter of my life :D

Harriet x


  1. I love your shoes!! Good luck for your exams! :)

  2. I can't believe you study biochem. Beauty and brains... Killer combination!