Thursday, 9 February 2012

An update of some sort

Hello Everyone, I've been quite busy of late. Lots of uni work keeping me busy! I thought I'd show you some random photies of snow, fire, clothes and something that's making me rather excited!

The snow fell last weekend which was cool. I love everything about snow, it just makes me happy :). Especially being all cosy inside with the fire blazing away. However,  Mick and me braved the icy roads and headed into Altrincham (although I did see some daft fool crash into a car, what a pleb). We got a cheeky MacDonalds, chicken legend w/ salsa, chips and coke, yumyum. Then I popped into Tkmaxx to have a nosey. I picked up those leopard print leggings, love them. The two tops are from Zara in the sale,  Zara basic range is 'da bomb'.

I've been really wanting to sort my skin out for a while. By all means its not bad but it could get a lot better in my eyes. I've heard so many good things about the Clarisonic Mia and I saw it on buyapowa a couple of weeks ago, but missed the opportunity since it sold out so fast. This time they had many more in stock and I watched it like a hawk. Today the postman knocked at my door and look what I got...

So happy! I managed to get it from for £90 and its in the pink version. I know some people find this little contraption far too expensive, but in my eyes if it truly works then its an investment and something worth spending your moola on. Although I am yet to say since she's on my bed flashing away while she charges for a whole 24 hours, daayam. 

If any of you guys have the mia, what cleansers do you recommend?

Harriet x

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