Sunday, 29 January 2012

Meet Basil the Bunny

So we got this little fella yesterday! His name is Basil and he's a baby lop eared rabbit.
I call him the little 'scrap' because he's so small and skinny!
He's already met Ted the Pig and they seem to like each other but they will be kept in separate cages.
Basil is already settling in and seems to be very laid back.
We've already started to potty train him but he thinks his potty is his bed and goes to sleep in it, doh.
Today me and my Dad nipped to Pets at Home to stock up on essentials.
We bought Basil a tunnel, wicker ball for his teeth, another chew thing, some yoghurt drops, a new water bottle, mineral and salt licks and finally a spare potty for the garden. 
We also got Ted a new cage (which he likes very much)!
Anyway I must go, I'm obsessed with our new addition and can't stop staring at him, far too cute!
Harriet x