Friday, 16 December 2011

MAC Beautiful Iris

Hey All.
I got an email from Debenhams saying that they had put £5 on our beauty cards (WooHoo).
I wasn't sure whether to get another Mac e/s or some hair tools!
But I decided to pop down to my local Mac counter and go on a swatching spree. 
I was torn between All That Glitters, Star Violet and Beautiful Iris.
In the end I went for Beautiful Iris.
Which basically cost me nowt since they also had 15% off makeup!
It's a very sheer light purple but I tend to pack it on my lid and the pay off is quite good.
Not to mention the colour is absolutely gorgeous!
Next I picked up Rimmel Spice(d?) lipliner, since it's a raved about product.
It's really nice and fitting with Christmas!

Harriet x

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