Sunday, 6 November 2011

Such a Loss

Saturday morning I was woken up by my Mum ringing me, to tell me that one of my best friends had died in a tragic accident. I felt sick inside and just burst out crying uncontrollably. I've had loses in the past with Grandparents but this is completely different. Ross was only 20. Things like this aren't suppose to happen. Life is so fragile and it really puts everything into perspective.
We were babies together.
I have so many good memories, he was like a brother to me.
As I write this I'm welling up again.
I just cannot take it in.

(Left) Ross (Right) Me

(Left) Tom, my big brother, (Middle) Ross, (Right) Me, (Front) Alex

(Left) Alex (Middle) Me (Right) Ross

Me and Ross




  1. I'm sorry for your loss hun, hope your ok xox

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this :( I hope you're coping all right.

  3. Thankyou guys for yout comments, means a lot xxx