Wednesday, 31 August 2011

For my 21st

Hey Guys,
So my 21st isn't till the 17th of October.
I was planning to go to New York but its super expensive around that time so I think we'll go to London for a few days and do America next summer for a few weeks. I've been doing a bit of brainstorming and have come up with a few ideas...

1. Michael Kors Watch

2. Purrdy Bag

3. Pandora

4. Shoes/Boots

(images from Tumblr and the official pandora website)

What did you guys get for your 'big' birthdays?
Harriet :)


  1. That Chanel bag is love!! Hope you have an awesome birthday. x -Lerin

  2. That bag is so cute, you should really get that one :) ! My 19th anniversary was last week actually ! But I didn't got anything special actually, my boyfriend said that I should pick something out but we still didn't had the time to get it :D !