Tuesday, 19 July 2011

John Frieda sheer blonde go blonder lightening spray results/review

So I bought this spray about 3 weeks ago and started using it straight away.
I was a bit reluctant to buy it at first since its quite a hyped product.
However, Boots had it on offer for 2 for £7.50 and I thought I'd give it a whirl.
Beforehand my roots were seriously bad and needed doing. (See 'Before' Picture)
I used it 4 times and then went on holiday to Fuerteventura for a week.
I didn't use it on holiday since I didn't want to over process my hair with the sun and everything.
And WOAH what a difference with the heat from the sun my hair went insanely blonde

My roots in the 'After' picture are not bad at all. 
This is hair growth in the 2 weeks where I stopped using the product.
I've now started using it again this time only on my roots not my whole head since my hair is super blonde now.


PLEASE READ (VERY IMPORTANT): A couple of months after using this product my hair started to become dry and so I stopped using it. Then it became so damaged that it was like chewing chum and would break off in large chunks. The only way to get rid of this was to completely cut all my hair off. So now I've got a pixie cut!

▲ Product really does work, but you must be so careful with it. I used far too much which ruined my hair 

Harriet x


  1. WOAH!!

    It looks great :)
    Wish I'd known about this before I gave up and went back to brunette!


  2. Thanks for this very helpful review! Just got back from buying mine. Time to turn this strawberry blonde mess of mine into real blonde :)