Monday, 23 May 2011

A to the Zee

Age: 20
Bed Size: Single in the week, double at Mick's!

Chores you hate: Washing the dishes, ewww I hate old food. yuckyuckyuck
Dogs: Love dogs! I will definitely get a puppy when I move out. Black Labs fosho'
Essential Start to your day: A narnie (banana) and a cuppa't!
Favourite Colour: Blues! I'm obsessed with blue.
Gold or Silver: White Gold? ^^
Height: 5"4
Instruments I play: Piano, Flute and Organ
Job Title: Student, but currently working in the Forensics Department, more specifically the Fingerprint Bureau.

Kids: Not other people's kids. I hate them. Most of the time.
Though I am certainly looking forward to having my own one day.
Live: Cheshire
Mum's Name: Caroline
Nickname: Haz, Hattie, Harri.
One wish:  For people to just get on in the world.
Pet Peeve: People who drive 20mph under the speed limit. Makes me wanna screeeam! How annoying.
Quote from a Movie: "Boo, you whore" Mean Girls
Right or Left handed: Right
Siblings: bigbro, aka Tom.
Time you wake up: Currently wake up a 7am, when I'm a student more like 10am, at the weekends midday. ha.
Underwear: the granny kind
Vegetables you dislike: So many. (>.<)
What makes you run late: Cleaning my wabbit and piggie out!

X-Rays you've had done: Teeth
Yummy food you make: Pasta. Mash. Jacket Potatoes. Chips.
Zoo Animals: All the cute ones!

Harriet x

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