Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Invisalign Consultation and Quotation

Hey all.
So I went for my consultation about 2 weeks ago.
It cost me £110 but that is deducted if you decide to go ahead with treatment.
Pictures and X-rays were taken as well as an examination of my teeth.
A few days later I got my quotation through the post.
The overall treatment cost is £2950.
£1650 - £110 (consultation) = £1540 is paid upfront.
When the treatment begins £100 is paid every month until the £2950 total has been reached.
So ofc I've decided to go ahead with Invisalign.
Today I had the molds taken of my teeth.
These will be sent off to Invisalign in America.
It takes around 6 weeks for the aligners to come back to the UK.
My treatment will last between 12-14 months and I am having aligners for both top and bottom teeth.
I've booked my next appointment for the 31st May.
I'm pretty excited!

Harriet x


  1. Oh wow! Good luck with it! I've been meaning to book a consultation but the cost is really off-putting, sure would make a difference to my smile and confidence though. Make sure you keep us updated on it :) xx

  2. I'm really surprised with the price, I expected it to be more. I can't stand my crooked bottom teeth so I should book a consultation. x

  3. Wow, that price is amazing!? I got quoted £4000 by my orthodontist and now suddenly feeling very ripped off.

    I've just had ceramic white braces put on and paid £2900 for them. They're ok, much better than the silver ones I think. But of course I'd have preferred these ones you're getting.

    That's the problem with private dentists, you never know how badly ripped off you're getting. It sounds like you got a good one xx