Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Girl Gamer

I hate the stigma which is attached to the 'girl gamer' label,
more often then not women are not taken seriously when it comes to gaming,
but I know many girls that play games and are actually better then most of the guys out there.

I've been an avid gamer since I was really little.
Banjo and Kazooie was my 1st game for the N64,

Then I went on to play the Sims (1 and 2),
I swear every teenager must have played this game at some point!

Next I played games such a Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto on the PS2.

I was introduced to COD2 by a friend and was addicted straight away, 
I bought COD4 and finally COD MW2 when it was released.

I played COD for quite a few years.
My boyfriend, Mick, was a professional gamer when I met him.
He use to play for Team Dignitas.

I joined Team Infused as part of an all girl team,
my alias back then was Qu33neY.

I was fortunate to attend lans (i-series)
which are sososo much fun and I got to meet so many great people/players.

After that Mick and me decided that we was going to start playing World of Warcraft.
We had a few friends that played the game already and so quickly leveled up.
This was back in 2008 when Wrath of the Lich King had just been released.
I have 5 high level chars:

level80 Orc Hunter
level 80  Tauren Shaman
level 80 Draenei Shaman
level 82 Blood Elf Deathknight
my main char level 85 Troll Druid - Hattie

I was lucky enough to be part of a great guild where we killed Lich King on 25man Heroic and therefore earning the title 'the light of dawn'

Then Cataclysm hit early on in December 2010 and was really good to begin with but the game has lost its spark for me and I have recently cancelled my subscription.
It is a really fun game to play but I just don't have any interest in it anymore.

My nights previously involved me playing computer games whereas now I'm a little lost to what I should do with myself!
I've been watching a lot more TV and just chillin' out in the sitting room with family/pets,
and of course I have got myself into blogging,
which I love already!

Sorry for such a random post ^^

Harriet x


  1. I cancelled my subscription before Cataclysm for a bit of a break, too, not so sure I'll bother renewing it now though, I'm sure I'll get bored again quickly enough.

  2. LoL, this blog sounds like something I would write. Scary thing is my name is Harriett! :D

  3. Yeah I cancelled shortly after Cata came out too. I couldn't really justify the money anymore. You could try Allods Online, its free to play and is kind of similar to vanilla wow.