Sunday, 23 January 2011

Product of My Week: Colour B4

This definitely has to go to...
 Colour B4 by Scott Cornwall,
what an absolute AMAZING product.

(Sorry about the first photo, it was the only decent one I had to show off the colour, I was in a club for a friend's 21st. :))

Direct Sunlight:
Such a difference

It really does work!
Doesn't take long for the product to start working its magic
Leaves hair nice and shiny and in good condition
Cheaper then going to the salon
Waaay waay wayy better then using bleach
Only one box is needed (I have very thick medium length hair)
Scott Cornwall has a facebook page and will answer any queries that you have!

Some people may think £12.25 is expensive but I believe it to be very reasonable
Its a bit whiffy
The product itself is quite liquidy/watery so I suggest just tipping it into a tint bowl and work it into your hair with your fingers

Hattie x


  1. This is exactly what I've been looking for! I really didn't want to use bleach & all the other hair products to go lighter seem to turn my hair orange. THANK YOU! xx

  2. loving the color of your hair.<3
    i colored mine just recently and didn't quite liked how it turned out.:/
    i'm new to your blog and i have to say that your layout and blog in general is lovely.:)

  3. @leiladarling Nooo stay clear of bleach unless you really can't! ^^

    @NikkiT Awwwh thankyou! I'm new to this whole bloggin' thing but its really fun. I'm glad you like it.

  4. Love the bunny picture in your sidebar! I used to have a rabbit called Whiskey who looked exactly like that, like peter pan, he stayed that size for a couple of years but he ran away :(

    This hair product looks great, maybe should have though of using it before bleaching the bejesus out of my hair...

    and in response to your comment on my blog:
    @Harriet - I think the prices are pretty dear, but the clothes themselves are pretty good quality and transfer well through seasons. If you think about Primark, you can buy a top for around £6-£10 but might only be able to wear it twice before it falls apart. I don't mind paying for quality like this, I dont expect much but I like to wear things more than once haha. I just wish I had enough money to buy everything at once rather than nominate one or two things :(! xx

  5. Heya,
    which strength did you use as i know colourb4 do 2 possibly 3 different ones. this seems to be the exact colour transfer im looking for and would be fab to use the same rather than going too light or not light enough!
    cheers lovely,

  6. @Kate I used the Extra Strength just to be sure it would remove all the red. :) x

  7. harriet do you miss your long hair?